The Cessna Citation Mustang: An Entry Level Business Jet
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The Cessna Citation Mustang: An Entry Level Business Jet

The Cessna Citation Mustang: An Entry Level Business Jet

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With the emergence of the need for lighter business jets small enough to squeeze through air traffic and aircraft parking on a busy airport ramp and speedy enough to ferry company VIPs to the port of destination where a company activity (conferences, business deals, etc.) takes place a drive away, Cessna offered the smallest twin jet out of its Citation line. While the rest of the General Aviation community however were caught up with the term VLJs (Very Light Jets) a catchword that described lighter private jets smaller than corporate (business) jets, Cessna strongly disagreed that the Citation Mustang is in a class of its own, an entry level business jet. The author shares his experience having attended the Mustang’s demo at Air Ads Hangar in Manila, Philippines about 5 years ago.

Ergonomically designed cockpit gives the pilot absolute control

At a quick glance, the Citation Mustang (Model 510) is a pilot’s dream come true. There’s that typical feeling when you are a taxi cab driver and have taken all the ordeals imaginable on the highway yet still caught in awe and strange attraction when you see a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider parked by the roadside. In similar fashion, the Mustang is something a Boeing 747 command pilot and an F-16 pilot could agree upon. On the former there’s just too much passengers and cargo to worry about at each flip of the controls and on the latter, there’s the bomb load that could annoy one’s thinking when a push of a button was initiated by mistake. Powered by twin Pratt & Whitney 615F turbofans and featuring ergonomically designed cockpit, there’s a cross between a huge airliner and a fighter aircraft that this small twinjet have made handy for pilots to feast about.

An exquisite example of beauty and technology rolled into one

Having been first announced by Cessna in 2002 with the prototype taking its first flight in 2005, the first production model was rolled a year after with FAA certification that followed. Certified to be flown by a single pilot, the aircraft has a room for 5 passengers (one seated on the pilot’s side) or 4 passengers if aircraft is flown with a co-pilot. With a maximum cruising speed of 340 knots (630 kph or Mach 0.63) at 1,150 nautical mile range, the twinjet has a service ceiling of 41,000 ft. and could operate at shorter runways with its 3,110 ft. take off distance (less than a kilometre). As of the moment, 320 units had been built with a price tag of US $2.65 million. The type is in close competition with the Eclipse 500 and Embraer's Phenom 100 but crediting Cessna's experience with its Citation line, any Citation Mustang customer is assured with Cessna's credibility and track record for unfailing customer support when needed.


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Interesting, informative and educational share..Thanks deep

Wish to see one in life.

I would love to get my hands on the yoke of this beauty. Merry Christmas Deep Blue.

Thanks for the comments, Abdel, Jerry, kabayan. My wish for a Merry Christmas as well to everyone.

Well detailed informative article. I enjoy your enthusiasm in your writing on the aircrafts you choose to compose about here. Thank you.

Brilliant article on this beauty Will.

very well written and very interesting

Thank you for always sharing great information. Voted up!

Well done and very interesting.

there was a time during my childhood days that I also wanted to be a pilot..I am still fascinated about airplanes til now