The Boeing 777
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The Boeing 777

The Boeing 777, The Triple Seven: Boeing's Trusted Twinjet

Etihad Airways Boeing 777-300ER taken by author

With first flight made on 12 June 1994 and being introduced the same month a year later, the Boeing “Triple Seven” is a common sight at world’s leading airports and among the fleet of today’s leading world airlines catering commuter services to leading destinations worldwide. The Boeing 747 (considering all series) still operates at the moment competing with the rest of the market share taken by the introduction of Airbus’ biggest airplane with the launch of the Airbus 380 “superjumbo” airliner but of course passenger’s choice to a less costly plane ride means going with smaller airliners with smaller operating costs thereby allowing for cheaper plane fares. This is where the choice for twin engine widebody comes to mind with extended range and comparably cheaper tickets. In this category the Boeing 777 is a common choice in level with an Airbus 330. Both aircraft may look just as the same to average passengers who give less attention on the type of airplane they are in once they have put on their seatbelts but if you bother to consider the difference this article is written for you. 

A Boeing 777 with main landing gears shown (image by wikipedia)

A Boeing 777 usually takes a choice of a Rolls Royce Trent 800, Pratt & Whitney PW4000 or a General Electric GE90 engines compared to an Airbus 330’s option for a Rolls Royce Trent 700, PW4000 or a General Electric CF6. It is with this common choice of engines that identifying both airliners from the other maybe a bit tricky but wait until you consider the wing difference. Boeing 777’s has longer wings than Airbus 330’s and it could be easily identified since the former’s wings were provided with raked wingtips compared to the latter’s winglets. The landing gears also provide a firm reference since aside from the similarity of a single pair of nose wheels on both aircraft type, the 777 has 6 main gears in pairs compared to a 330’s 4 paired undercarriage.

Airbus 330 with main gears and winglets visible (Image by wikipedia)

A Boeing 777-200 common with most world airlines has a seating capacity of 305 in a 3 class configuration, 400 in a 2 class and could be maximized to 440 in a single class configuration. Its range of 5,240 nautical miles (9,700 km) allows it to fly non-stop in such routes as Tokyo-San Francisco, London-New York and Abu Dhabi-Manila. This is possible with the option of twin engines as stated above allowing it to cruise at .84 Mach at 35,000 feet altitude. An Airbus 330-200 is just a bit slower at  .82 Mach  but with farther range at 7,250 nautical miles (13,430 km). At present there had been 924 Boeing 777 operating in airlines all over the world (all series combined) with seven major incidents on the type as of 1 November 2011. The only fatality involved with this aircraft was with a ground crew that sustained fatal burns when a type operated by British Airways caught fire while refuelling at Denver International Airport back in 2001.

View on a Boeing 777 window showing the plane's raked wingtips (image by author)


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Superb feature on aircraft as usual Will.


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Great pix (the ones that are by you) - what airport are they taken at?

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Thanks for the comments, everyone. As for Tom's question, the picture of the 777 was taken at Abu Dhabi airport in UAE more than two weeks ago.

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Another great and well written write-up......thanks for the informative and educational article

Your expertise shines through in this fine article on aviation history.

Sounds really big kabayan. I've only seen airplanes with one or two sets of landing gears, these have 3 sets each. Good write as always Will.

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